mánudagur, júlí 03, 2006

upp og niður

Þooooooooooli ekki að pakka niður. I loathe packing up. Going is not always so bad, but packing up I find dreadful.

For years now I have been amused at how my Scandinavian friends invariably confuse English pack up with Scandinavian pakke opp. Americans pack up to leave. Scandinavians pack up (or out) only once they've arrived and they've begun rooting through the cartons and lifting out various objects and belongings. The other activity is, quite sensibly, packing down.

Up and down. Opp og ned. Upp og niður. I seem unable to block out the imagined voice of Johnny Triumph singing Luftgítar. As I have packed up (or niður) all my CDs, this earworm will have to do.

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