miðvikudagur, október 28, 2009


And then, suddenly, it is all yellow. Two cold nights, and there is not patch of black macadam to be seen. Two hours of wet wind, and the string of cars along the curb are magnificently decoupaged.

miðvikudagur, október 14, 2009


Mouse! I think a mouse. It was moving very quickly from out the heap of recyclables across the cheap tiles and through the absurdly large gap in the baseboard under the sink. (Thence, doubtless, down the pipes in the wall to the basement, but that was out of my sight.) A trap is procured - a humane one.

I learned somewhere, however, that releasing these little animals in the wild is not more humane than killing them at home. They are house mice, not field mice, and they have no way to feed themselves out in the grasses and ground cover. My house is their wild. The best I could do would be to release one in someone else's house, the neighbors' perhaps. But no - they have a cat. What to do?

This is all premature. The mouse is, as yet, at liberty in his preferred habitat.
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