föstudagur, júlí 28, 2006


Amorous oystercatchers seen near the busstop. Unusually few ducklings on the Tjörn (though I have not noticed exceptionally fat gulls). We are past the really intense part of the tern season, when they dive crazily at your head. Eiders on the anchor chains at the harbor. A sandpiper. The standard helping of geese. An immature black-headed gull swooping over the line for hotdogs.

I miss the whistling swans. I do not know where they are. Tomorrow I will go out to the headland and look for them.

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Alizarin sagði...

I picture a giant steel ladle, dipping down from some cloud in the sky, spilling geese liberally about you. Some flap at altitude; some land fatly.


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