þriðjudagur, júlí 25, 2006


In dark times you may find yourself standing on an enchanted isle in the middle of the river Lethe. It is populated with graceful, shadowy beings. They wear the faces of beautiful animals and of your kindest former lovers, but their dark eyes are their own. They glide and float. They coo and twitter. They speak of comfort. Beware of them: they offer only fleeting pleasures (though sweet), more regrets, and lasting oblivion.

Or you may find yourself on the bank of another river, a shallow one with nearly still waters, and feel certain that your journey must be continued on the other side. Do not ford it. Its waters have the quality of turning anything dipped into them into silvery stone. This river has other uses (the stone lifted out from its waters holds a marvelously fine edge), but do not wade into it now.

Find instead the warm spring called Bloodstopper. Its waters have a stanching virtue. Lower yourself into it. But do not stay submerged too long even here. Too long, and it may still your blood all the way to your heart.

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