sunnudagur, apríl 26, 2009

til vinstri

It looks like the etymology of left is uncertain. It may be a taboo word, like Gk aristeros, or it may have all to do with crookedness, weakness, limpness and dangling, and all many of unfortunate things. The older Old English is winestra, cousin to wyn, a word to do with friendship. Thus, a taboo word like "The Kindly Ones" or "The Good Folk." Better safe than sorry.

I am left thinking that the Vanir are Left-Greens. Certainly they are left wing -- Samfó, perhaps? The old Alþýðubandalag? At any rate, they've been in coalition with the Æsir for a long time. The Æsir, obviously, are Conservatives. Not only are they in fact conservative, controlling the flow of wealth and goods to their own advantage, but they are the original Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn. The differentiation from the jötnar was its own revolution, a declaration of independence followed by state formation. They are the men's party, whereas women have always been more numerous and influential on the Left.

I suppose this makes Ragnarök entry into the European Union. Heh.

laugardagur, apríl 25, 2009


All the narrating words have to do with enumeration except for "narrate." Telling is tallying: OE tellan, ON telja. Recounting is counting: OFr conter, L computare. These are words about getting things in the right order: first this, then that ... total unity of sujet and fabula. ("Narrate," surprisingly to me, is from the same root as "know," but a transitive word about making something known.)

I can't be bothered to follow it blow-by-blow. Tell me when it's over and the numbers are in.
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