þriðjudagur, mars 07, 2006


My latest fantasy (insight?) is that the huldufólk have their own hulduvefur. It must be hidden on the internet, on the same servers and wires as the usual internet, in plain sight but invisible. That is the way they generally do things. Probably the huldu-urls all start with ð, and your webcrawler automatically redirects you to the d section of our own web.

Of course, if you succeeded in getting around this and actually access the hulduvefur, you'd probably never again surf the usual web meðal mennskra manna. I feel sure that upon loading that first huldu-page, your computer would also download a fatal cookie, and you'd never be able to come back.

2 ummæli:

Simon sagði...

The ghost in the machine.

V/B sagði...

This description of hulduvefur sounds a bit like a description of all of the 'stealth software' (viruses, spyware etc.) that can infect your computer if you are not careful. This may be incorrect though because otherwise huldufólk would be remarkably interested in get-rich-quick schemes, Viagra and penis enlargement pills etc. since computers are sometimes infected for the purpose of sending out spam that is impossible to trace back to the actual sender.

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