fimmtudagur, mars 30, 2006


Maybe it is the subliminal influence of Easter on the horizon. I am craving a good lambahryggur---not a single rack of lamb but the entire back, cooked slow and long until the meat has begun to caramelize at the edges. I do not know what this cut is called in English. It may not be called anything at all. I do not think I have ever seen it for sale here. I see it in my mind's eye pink and white behind the glass at Melabúð, glimpsed through the jostling bodies during the 6 PM rush, or else on a platter, steaming and dripping clear liquid, in a kitchen on Sólvallagata.

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Nafnlaus sagði...

Spring, Easter. Whatever. Perhaps we should conspire together for lamb and fresh greens and other assorted spring-time foods.


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