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I am getting impatient about the release of this film. The site finally has some featurettes, both of which are interesting. It is nice to see Dýrhóley, Rauðahólar, Jökulsárlón, o.sv.fr., I suppose, though they all rather upstage the action to my eyes. Perhaps they would not for someone not on a first-name basis with all of them. Put me down as mildly horrified that anyone associated with this production derived any inspiration whatever from having seen the King Arthur of a few years ago, even it only resulted in thinking that Stellan Skarsgård would make a good Hrothgar.

Be that as it may, I would like the opportunity to see the blessed thing and see just what they've done with it. My guess is that it will turn out an odd mix of epic poem and outlaw legend. That could be very interesting.

And what's this then?

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I can't speak to the one shot in Iceland. But, Ain't It Cool News says that Zemeckis' production is done entirely in c.g. Angelina Jolie, as Grendel's mother, is a molten-gold demon. Neil Gaiman and Robert Zemeckis have discovered (through careful scholarship) that Grendel is the son of her union with King Hrothgar. Maybe they brought Aeschylus in for re-writes and script polishing.

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