laugardagur, desember 29, 2007


Should it surprise me that there are multiple Rip van Winkle's, each from a different age? This one is from 1896.

Maybe what is remarkable is merely that these images should resurface today, but that is the last thing that should surprise anyone.

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tristan sagði...

i've clicked on the link but there are no images in the frame

sterna sagði...


Apparently one needs Flash 7+ and to have one's Javascript enabled, whatever that means. There are .mpegs and help to be found here:

(Unfortunately, my ability to make hot links is limited to breakfast sausage.)

tristan sagði...

just found it on youtube while you were typing your reply

best wishes and a very happy new year xx

sterna sagði...

A very happy coming year to you, and thanks for the last one.

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