miðvikudagur, október 03, 2007


The animals next door seem lonely. The other-side-of-the-wall cat is always on the stoop, turning herself belly-side out and belly-side in over and over again. The other-side-of-the-wall dog wandered straight on in a few days ago as I was bringing my bike in off the porch. He bears himself so humbly, this dog. When I stood my bicycle against the dining room chairs it slipped and clattered to the floor, and instantly he dropped his head a little lower from his shoulders, looked away with evident chagrin, and turned to pad back out.

I called after him and told him that it wasn't him - ! That loud noise wasn't anything he'd done wrong. Everything was okay. He brightened up immediately and came back over, put his head up under my hand so I could rub his ears. He is a sensitive creature.

I have suspicions about who they are looking for. It isn't me, and that's too bad.

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