miðvikudagur, október 17, 2007


Would you like some tea? I would. I have a little iron pot here steaming with gently bitter grassy tea. Would you?

Old English beodan "offer, proclaim"
Proto Germanic *biudanan "to stretch out, reach out, offer, present,"
compare German bieten "to offer"
all from the Proto Indo European base *bh(e)udh- "to offer, present."

How very civilized.

See also Sanskrit. bodhati "is awake, is watchful, observes," from which buddhah "awakened, enlightened." Old Church Slavonic gives us bljudo "to observe," and I wonder whether there is a liturgical sense to the word. See then also Lithuanian budeti "to be awake."

I hope so. I have things to do before sleep, many of them. Tea is helpful in such circumstances.

See Old Irish buide "contentment, thanks".

I don't mind if I do.

Credit due to Douglas Harper as so often.

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Yes! Let's have tea.

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