fimmtudagur, nóvember 02, 2006


Evening. Even-ing. The day and night are evening out, the equal halves (not in length but in weight, I've liked to say) meeting and bleeding into each other over the line crassly called the terminator. They join hands and shake, seal some agreement the details of which are unknown to us.

Farið að rökkva, growing towards evening, towards twilight, like hausta, to get on towards autumn. In English it is two-light, and not just the usual two word but a twin-ness word, a two where the pair is the whole set. Tvennt. Twain. In Icelandic rökkur, the twilight of the twilight of the gods (see also Snorri, see Wagner). Strangely, no two-ness here, just encroaching darkness.

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