þriðjudagur, janúar 03, 2006


In 2004 I was charmed by the thylacine. Could 2006 be the year of the quagga, another extinct antipodal animal no less smartly striped? While the Australians try to clone the thylacine back from the world of shades, the South Africans are attempting to reverse-engineer the quagga.

I'm seized with the desire to get these two groups in touch with each other. Perhaps with combined forces, both projects would enjoy more success. Or is that too much to hope for? Maybe it would be a disaster: a latter-day quagga striped on the hindquarters and a latter-day thylacine striped about the head and shoulders. That would never do.

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Alizarin sagði...
Þessi athugasemd hefur verið fjarlægð af stjórnanda bloggs.
Alizarin sagði...

The incomplete stripes might be yesterday's animal fashion. Now it seems to be all stripes or none. Also, fewer and fewer can pull off horns on the nose.

And the pouch is one of those quirky, undeniably useful features that never caught on, like a pivoting middle headlight, or Linux.

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