sunnudagur, janúar 22, 2006


I find myself feeling badly about the whale in the Thames. What a pity the animal did not make it back out to the North Sea and the company of others like itself. Wouldn't it have had wonderful stories to tell all of them? Just imagine---the perfect inverse of the old chestnut about the one that got away.

The London Times is trying to make some kind of implicit point about the whaling nations. It reports that though global attention was focused on the bottlenose for the duration of its adventure, the Japanese news service and Norway's Aftenposten both ignored it entirely. They themselves neglect Iceland, however, where Morgunblaðið has been covering the saga from the beginning.

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Simon sagði...

It seems The Times is completely ignorant of the newspaper culture in this country. Aftenposten was probably the only one of the more than 200 daily Norwegian newspapers that ignored the London whale.

If we're getting really political, I might mention that The Times (as well as most of the rest of the world's newshounds) ignored the aircrash on Svalbard in 1996. I guess whales are worth more than the 140-odd Russian miners who died in that crash.

sterna sagði...

It's not so surprising, really. I wonder if they know Svalbard exists outside Phillip Pullman's books.

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