föstudagur, október 07, 2005


At wood s lot I stumble across a link to the photography of Edward Burtynsky. There, under breaking ground and further under tailings I confront 11 stunning images of mine-related devastation. Here is one. Simultaneously, I have the new realization that some of my favorite places (Kerið, Moðruvellir, Námuskarð, Vítið, &c.) have that same beauty, with no industry in sight. The resemblance extends beyond tailings. Rauðhólar, always strange, now clearly resembles not just a stranding (skibsbrud) but shipbreaking (skibsophug).

I have to rethink the entire landscape. Thousands of birds nest there and only there; everyone knows that. But whose invisible mines leave those tailings? Who uses that island as a shipbreaking yard and for what fleet?

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