sunnudagur, október 23, 2005

önnur saga


Siggi. Hello.

It's good to see you.

Likewise. Opal?

Yes, thanks. Hey, wow! They don't make these anymore.

They might be a little stale.

How ever did you get ahold of any?

I actually just found this box in my pocket. Haven't worn this coat since--

Oh, right. It's been a long time, hasn't it?

Yes, it has.

Do you ever hear from Gunni?

Not for years. I think he's seeing someone now.

Huh. We've been out of touch.

Really. That's too bad.

Yeah. Yeah. . . . That was a rough business back then.

Well, yes. We all got pretty banged up.

Scarred up, even. I mean, I've got plenty from that day in the woods.

Oh, I'm sure they suit you. And I got plenty burned myself, but nobody got killed, you know?

No, you're right. That's the important thing.

Right. You're doing all right?

Yeah, I am, yeah. You?

I'm okay.

Good, good. Hey, it was really good to see you.

Good talking to you.

Take care. And thanks for the candy. I mean, Blár Opal. Svei mér.

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