mánudagur, desember 19, 2011


Boil everything.

This is my post-Yule plan.

Bedclothes, potatoes, the dog's well-gnawed cow bones. (I imagine that will stink.) Some festive hot drink. (To drive out the smell of the bones.) Onions and celery and carrots. (To drive out the remainder.)

Everything must steam before the New Year.

5 ummæli:

Rouchswalwe sagði...

Boiling is good. And less than a rolling boil improves flavour, it says in my brewing book.

tristan sagði...

hope your place has good ventilation

happy new year and very best wishes

Rouchswalwe sagði...

But please don't forget to add the required spice!

tristan sagði...

ninth of february ... have you gone back in to hibernation ?

word verification, almost unbelievably, is "morons"

sterna sagði...

Morons. Brilliant. I'm only just thawing, I think. Hello.

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