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Paper, from papyrus (Lat.), from papyros (Gk.), perhaps from some older, Egyptian word. Paper from the crushed and moistened boles of stately forest giants. Clearly, it feels good on the gums, even to an animal whose back-more teeth are meant for shearing flesh. He returns gas bills, grocery lists, paperbacks and love notes to their primal pulp.

He is a dreaming beast, however. In his walnut brain he may imagine vellums and parchments between his jaws; he may savor chewy monkish scribblings, psalms and hymns still tasting of lamb.

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"Inherited aptitudes are his, inherited frailties. Some things he at once views and understands, as though he were awakened from a sleep, as though he came 'trailing clouds of glory.' But with him, as with man, the field of instinct is limited; its utterances are obscure and occasional; and about the far larger part of life both the dog and his master must conduct their steps by deduction and observation."
~ Robert Louis Stevenson (1883) The Character of Dogs

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