laugardagur, janúar 02, 2010

hringja inn

Ears still ringing with a decade's worth of recollection, though not this last one's. Instead, echoes of that more distant era of even more regrettable fashions. (Lucky I was so unfashionable at the time -- it cuts down my quotient of regrets.) I remember tweaking the dial of a cheap clock radio infinitesimally leftward in search of the weak signal of a distant college station (calculus abandoned on the desk), hoping to hear minor keys and dissonances sputtering though between the Classic Rock and the Top Forty.

Nice to visit, just now, much later and having escaped the pains peculiar to then, all in order to mark the present sliding into the past and the numbers ticking over into the future, all in a reliable and familiar time signature. Step to it and wave your hands, now, and step again.

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