laugardagur, júní 14, 2008


  • kríugarg
  • piff
  • The wind through the metal slats of the sign on the east side of campus
  • NÚÚ-úú-ÚÚ-úú-ÚÚÚ--!
  • Other people's incoming text messages
  • The jerky hum of the rotating billboard by the pool
About that last one: A loop of illustrated plastic slides by under glass, stretched between two rollers like a closed-system window shade. There are maybe three advertisements in rotation, and as one shifts into view on the heels of another the thing whirrs and stops, whirrs and stops. It is a terribly lonely sound even on a bright summer day. I cannot put my finger on why.

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tristan sagði...

i used to pass several of these signs as a cycled to work in the silent hours and sometimes they startled me

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