fimmtudagur, maí 22, 2008


It is probably a bad habit, but I am looking at pictures of dogs in the local shelter. Several of them look happy to see you -- which is to say happy to see the photographer. Several more are also listening to something off to one side or behind them. Some are more remarkable, at least at first glance.

This one looks very intellectual what with the little fawn-colored double-apostrophe eyebrows on his black face. He looks like he's just said something and attributed it to Catullus. He isn't being obnoxious about it. He hopes you know the passage, and if you don't, he's happy to be able to introduce you to it. It's such a good passage -- everyone should know it.

Another one with unearthly blue eyes, tiny eyes, dim-sighted starburst eyes that double merles get -- and deaf, of course. I hope some one adopts him, and I hope that when that person ruffles the fur behind his head that he somehow hears good dog!

2 ummæli:

tristan sagði...

"how much is that doggy in the window ?

i do hope that doggy's for sale!"

... have you heard that song ?

sterna sagði...

Oh, yes. I remember my mother singing it.

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