mánudagur, nóvember 12, 2007


There's no lining, so the olive green wool is itchy on the inside, and it will catch on your clothing if you wear the wrong shirt. It's best to wear a scarf with it to keep the collar from rubbing a red line around your neck. If you believe the lettering on the inside, it was made in 1941 for issue to a serviceman in the Canadian Army. I can't imagine the soldier for whom it would have been meant. He would have to have been a very small man. It fits me perfectly.

I've worn pins on the left lapel and pocket for years, the same three for years. One is a flag. One is, by pure coincidence, a military insignia. One is a traditional quilting pattern done in enamel. It's time for me either to put a new one on or to take all the old ones off.

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tristan sagði...

doh !

i'd always imagined you in satin and lace !

sterna sagði...

I didn't tell you what I wore under that, did I?

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