laugardagur, janúar 20, 2007


Not only to procyonids precede canids --- they don't, particularly, but that is the idea behind the name --- but Procyon precedes Sirius. This I learn just today. The brightest star in Canis Minor turns, of necessity, ahead of the brightest star in Canis Major.

I did not know there were two Dog Stars until now. Are there more? If every dog has his day, does every dog also have a star? Are they all Dog Stars, then?

Or should I be thinking of this the other way around? There was just a procyonid here on a visit, a handsome specimen of moderate size. Age perhaps 2 years. Distance appox. 2 m. Mass perhaps 6 kilos. Apparent magnitude somewhat greater owing to a luxuriant pelt. Proper motion likely 'ambling.' Rotation only when agitated.

Then I am unsure: Luminosity? Temperature? Declination? Parallax?

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