laugardagur, september 30, 2006

að hausta

Tekið að hausta. It's beginning to be autumn. Or, if you like, fall. Haust can be a verb in Icelandic---hausta---to be getting into fall. Falling, maybe.

It is a harvest word. I seem to remember that the root has to do with gathering-in, but I should check up on that. It is a gathering, of course, of whatever fruits of the summer will stand salting or drying or lagering in cellars, whichever of them can sustain us through the coming cold months.

(Here it is a harvest of yellow and brown leaves, a few frantic moths caught between the screens and the storm windows, and a leak in the kitchen ceiling. I doubt these will be of much use.)

I rather like the idea of it being, also, falling, though it is not the cheeriest thought.

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