föstudagur, ágúst 25, 2006


It gets like this every time. You run around for days in exhaustion and tension, your breath getting progressively worse from dehydration and coffee abuse. You wonder how you will ever survive. Even without the frantic code-switching, there is more than enough to spin your brain about, and though half of the offerings are in fact total nonsense, you can waste a great deal of time trying to separate them from the rest. The insomnia-addled brain is not good at this, and you can make yourself feel very stupid indeed trying to wrest sense from a presentation that is, in fact, without any meaning at all.

But then it gets like this: an odd sensation creeps up on you, and you start to think that your life is always like this. You hit your stride. You will be surprised two days later when you find you have tickets to leave.

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