miðvikudagur, apríl 05, 2006

o tempora

The New York Times has redesigned its website, and I don't like it one bit. I remember when Morgunblaðið redid its format and suddenly looked like the old Baggalútur, and that was pretty funny. Certainly the fellows who designed Baggalútur thought so. Since then, of course, Baggalútur has been made to look like Þjóðólfur or Fjallkonan, and that is pretty funny too. But according to Slate, The Times now looks more like a web-based newspaper. You would think they would know. Still, I disagree. It looks more like The Onion. That, I confess, I do not find so funny.

And what is meant by shifting out the venerable Times New Roman for Georgia? It's The Times, for crying out loud. It's what Times New Roman was invented for. Georgia just makes it look like some amateur thing on a default template at Blogger.


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