mánudagur, febrúar 06, 2006


The cat down the hall has gone missing.

I was told this by his concerned owners. They asked me to keep an eye out for a gray cat with a collar bearing his name: Galileo. I promise to tell them if I see him.

I imagine him out on a voyage of discovery, a round gray body on the move, sampling previously unknown dusts with a curious pink tongue and making notes on the buildings and trees he passes, objects he had only seen at great distance, from the window, but whose size he had never fully grasped until now. I imagine him awed at the scale of the world beyond the walls of the apartment and its close atmosphere, impressed at the speed at which some other things outside move, forced by circumstance to calculate, swiftly, their paths relative to his own.

I hope that his trajectory does not take him ever outward into the great, alien space. I hope instead that he feels the pull of home and loops back. I can see him in my mind's eye enjoying the sensation of familiar warmth as he steps back over the threshold.

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V/B sagði...

I can immediately recall at least five different Galileos. Having had an extremely weird dream involving one of these last night, reading this blog entry early in the morning suddenly felt strange when it somehow seemed to morph into a vague description of the exact Galileo I had just had a dream about. Could very well be my imagination - or maybe not.

sterna sagði...

Indeed, maybe not. But did you see which way he went after your dream?

V/B sagði...

The sequence of events was so completely messed up chronologically (perhaps not unexpectedly ;-)) that this is probably impossible to answer. At the end of the dream I somehow got the chance to see and actually touch this particular Galileo, something which should have been absolutely impossible given what had happened previously.

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