föstudagur, nóvember 18, 2005


On the right is firethorn. On the left, I believe, cotoneaster.

I had thought it might be bittersweet, but I was wrong. That is just as well, I think. Bittersweet and firethorn sound like the names of a pair of twins, heroines of some regretable fantasy novel. Nothing against a good fantasy novel, mind you, but my thoughts of heroism are elsewhere today.

2 ummæli:

Simon sagði...

The berries on the right look as if they are the same kind os the berries on the left, only unripe. They appear to have the same scar after the flower, and the leaves look similar.

sterna sagði...

It looks that way in the photograph, yes, but the berries on the right belong to a different plant, one with thorns on the branches and smaller, duller leaves.

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